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Since several years we seek the solution in order to find the best and proper way to accommodate our seniors/parents, while relieving families of this concern becoming very important when the person-s loss of their physical and mental faculties.

Institutions in Europe, Middle-East, USA and Switzerland, have established large flawless structures with all the comforts and medical/social needs of our elders.

It is gratifying to note that the daily progress of medicine increases the life expectancy of our population besides it is increasing day by day. Despite all the efforts made by the federations, associations and social medical centres and EMS Worldwide, we are faced with a lack of available space to view applications increasingly large.

It is also noted that the daily costs of these establishments grade, have become very expensive and must rely today from € 180.00 to € 400.00 (CHF 200.00 to 425.00) per day/per person. These costs include only the room and the food, some first aide and perhaps some internal activities offered by the institutions. It must be added cares and other services not included.

It turns out that some people living in institutions or no longer has the means necessary for the payment of such sums and the States through their security or social associations are then sought. Families themselves often arrive to take on these amounts. Insurance companies, will, if a policy covering this type of risk (very rarely), participate partly to the monthly costs.