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TurFun Club  Kuşadası              For people leaving in the area of  Kuşadası area                           

Dear all,

February 2022

Let us inform you that from the beginning of 2022, we (some friends) will set up a club (Group of acquaintances and friends). Through different sports and cultural activities in Kuşadası we would meet once a week.

We open the door to everyone regardless of their origin, age, religion to develop a group of people willing to share good times together.

To begin with, we would offer you activities such as French petanque, badminton and music, activities requiring very little investment. We could meet weekly (date and time to be determined) at a place in Kuşadası that is very suitable for these activities, as long as the good weather is with us. Later we could certainly find a local allowing us to meet for other activities that you, new members would like to develop (cooking, painting etc. according to your wishes).

It will also be possible to exchange experiences and possibly give some advice to our members who are looking for something but may not have the right contacts.

Our Vision:  

The establishment of a platform of friends, eager to meet and exchange, with pleasure and in a good mood.

Our Mission:  

To listen, to develop friendships with people around Kuşadası, and to improve current communication. To facilitate possible actions necessary for life in Turkey by exchanging our mutual experiences. Through certain sports and/or cultural activities, we will promote these exchanges.

We translate this text into 4 languages namely: French, German, English and Turkish. The cultural multiplicity is enriching and we look forward to counting you among our members. Simply contact us at the following address pierre@globalarranger.com  to notify us of your interest and start setting up a database of our members. Please send us:  Last names, First  names, full address, N°.   telephone, e-mail address

Thanks in advance and see you soon

Pierre F. Jaccoud